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Google Drive is the official application for the service of the same name, which allows you to have access to your virtual hard drive from any iOS device whenever you are connected to the Internet.

The app's interface allows you to easily access your private virtual hard drive, shared files from other users, recent files, and even some that you can access offline (which you'll have to download beforehand).

The basic storage for Google Drive is 5GB--more than enough to store your documents, images, and a video here and there. Nonetheless, you can always pay for more if you need more space.

Google Drive is a massive cloud storage service that is especially useful because of its integration with all other Google products. It's easy and convenient to use, which makes having it at hand on your iOS device a useful addition for those who need to have certain documents with them at all times.
WhatsApp backups will no longer take up space in Google Drive

Backing up your WhatsApp account could become a problem if you're constantly sending and receiving photos and videos in your conversations. Even though Google Drive takes care of the storage, it's definitely possible to run out of space if you also use the cloud storage service for other things. Luckily, this is going to change soon: WhatsApp backups are not going to take up space in your Google Drive account anymore. 
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The best free Android apps for back to school

The arrival of October spells the definitive end of those hazy summer holidays in a lot of countries: back to school or back to the grind – whether its university or the office – for most of us. To make this transition a bit easier for you we've put together a selection of free Android apps – a long list with a wide variety of app categories that should cover the needs of kids and parents alike.
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How to free up space on your Google account

Several years ago Google unified the 15GB of free space it provides in the cloud to be distributed among Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. The problem with this is that a point comes when you don't know exactly where you're saving things among your personal documents, backups, and trash items. That's why we've put together this list of tips to free up space on your Google account.
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